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Love Gestures That Make Men Go Crazy

Men just like women too need love in equal measure. However, today's relationship concentrate more on pleasing the lady forgetting that the man is also part of the relationship.

In this article we will look at some of the love gestures you can give your man to make him know that you love and value him.

1. Give hive forehead kisses. This is a sign that you care and love him. The touch gives him a gesture that you value him. A forehead kiss also shows affection and adoration.

2. Once in a while surprise him with random gifts. Gifts communicate a lot but most of the time ladies are the ones on the receiving end. Men too love surprises and this is one way to make them go crazy about you. Gifts help to show the affection you have for someone.

3. Send him random love notes. Nothing makes a man happy like knowing his girlfriend is ever thinking of him. It makes him go wild and this way his love for you increases. Try this and see the results.

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