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Polyamorous Girl Falls Pregnant For One Of Her Four Partners

The woman who is known as Tory Ojeda, has fallen pregnant after going on a vacation by her four spouses. She met her first lover who is 18 years old ,Marc back in highschool and Travis who is 23 months later after meeting Marc.

She later fell in love with Ethan who is 22 years old who was a mutual friend and lastly Christopher who is also 22 years old. The five pursue what's known as an open relationship and has allowed her spouses to pursue other lovers if they want to.

She also goes ahead and says that she would love if her partners could bring second lovers since it is lonely to get in their relationship as the only lady. The five revealed that they have to swap at night so that each of the four men could find equal time to be with her. She is also happy to add her unborn baby to their family and can't wait to welcome her.

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