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10 Sweet Things You Should Tell Your wife every day that will really melt her heart.

Show love and leave your wife smiling as you go for your daily activities by telling her this everyday.

1. I will be back soon just to be with you. This is a good message that you should ensure you tell you wife before leaving the house. She will really know that you are caring for her always. This will make her also to be eager to see you in the evening.

2. I thank God for you as my wife. Remember it through God's powers that you meet each other. Therefore, reminding her about how God has done his wonders to keep you together is a better thing.

3. You have brought blessings to my life. You want to show her romance all the time. Why don't you just tell her this and she will put a smiling face all over.

4. You price to me without price tag. Recall how good a gift is in a relationship and how one feels when gifted by his or her lover. Telling her this assures her that she is the woman you love. This will leave her happy full of joy.

5. I feel happy when I spent time with you. Talking to you wife about how you enjoy spending time together, always gives hope in marriage. It make everyone feel recognized and also appreciated.

6. I really love you so much. This is the most common phrase used by those in relationship. It does not just show you are in a relationship but it keeps everyone around smiling. Therefore, it is good to remind her the you love her.

7. I melt with love when you touch me. Don't ignore her touch because she will be unhappy once you fail to notice it. Inform her how you enjoy she touches you and it will really encourage her.

8. I am thankful for you today. This is the best way to make her heart melt for you. Just say it everyday, and you will always be happy.

9. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met.

Talk about her face, hair style, fingers and body appearance and remind her how good She looks.

10. You make me shine with your love and have given me a new life.

Thanks for reading. Let me see your comment about this. Share to make more women smile.

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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