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Men, don't marry a woman who has these habits

Marriage isn't a game, it's a huge commitment from both partners. That's why its important to take your time, and choose the right woman to spend the rest of your life with. Choose someone who is compatible to you in terms of lifestyle, behaviors habits and feelings.

Although, it's naturally wrong to dismiss a woman before knowing and understanding, or even living with them, there just some kind of women that you should be away from. These are the types of women who will make it incredibly difficult for you to be happy in your marriage.

So, if you don't want to get stuck in a marriage that will end up making you downright, unhappy and frustrated, then you shoul not marry a woman with the following habits.

1. One who is bitter about everything

This kind of woman may become a down fall to your life, because she will always be negative about everything you do. You will not progress with a woman who has negative vibes in your marriage, because a woman is meant to support and encourage her husband, and not to degrade him.

2. One who's always thinking about herself.

This is a selfish kind of woman who doesn't care about others well being, but only herself. A selfish woman will only care about you if she knows what she will get in return. A selfish woman will never be good to you and your family, because she will come between you and your family, especially if you the one they look up-to.

3. One who is all about material possessions

A materialistic woman is dangerous one to marry. A materialistic woman will never love you genuinely. She will only be with you because of your wealth and money, but when you are broke she will leave you, and look for somebody else. So don't be a prey to any materialistic woman.

4. One who thinks she's entitled to everything

This is a type of woman who's always going to demand the world from you, and even if you manage to give her everythingshe wants, it will never be enough for her. This is a type of woman who thinks she doesn't have to work hard for the things that she wants. She believes that everything should be served to her on a sliver platter. You will never satisfy this kind of woman. So beware before you marry her.

5. One who's always partying

A party animal kind of woman is a good one when you are still dating, but not when you get married, unless she changes her habits of partying. A woman who's always partying will never have time for you and your kids. Marriage needs commitment, and if she doesn't change, your kids will lack quality time with their mother, because she will always be partying and drinking.

6. A dishonest woman

Dishonest is a major marriage killer in many couples. A woman who's secretive and dishonest is a dangerous person, because you will never know what's going on in their hearts and minds. It's good to marry a woman whos open and honest to you in whatever she does. Remember honesty is a virtue that should be guarded at any cost.

Lastly, pray to God to give you a good woman and a good mother to your kids, for not only to have a good and happy family, but to be sure of your kids well being even when you are not there.

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