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Your Girlfriend Is A Wife Material If She Has These Characters.

1. Supportive.

A good wife supports you when in need. She sticks around you when you are sick and consoles you when you are feeling low. She doesn't run away in times of needs.

2. God - fearing.

She is religious and a believer. She will raise your kids in a Godly way.

3. Organized.

An organized woman will not only manage your house but also financial matters. She will always make your marriage work no matter what.

4. Submissive.

A good woman should not dominate in your relationship. She will follow your orders without complaining or urging.

5. Independent.

She has a career and a life of her own. Her life doesn't revolve around her man. She makes her own decisions.

6. Faithful.

A wife material will always remain with you and wait for you even if you leave her for a long time. She doesn't flirt with other men but will respect you.

7. She gives you time.

She doesn't pressure you to stay with her all time but lets you do your own things.

8. She encourages your dreams.

A good wife will respect and encourage your aspirations rather than looking down upon you.

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