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How money controls campus relationships and how it impacts the affected students

Love is worth so much more than money. Many people are filthy rich but have nobody to love them genuinely. This is evident that unconditional love is priceless and has no valuation mechanism. Most campus students fall in love among themselves, and typically money is a magnet to attract or repel the lovebirds. The wealth capacity of the partners highly controls compatibility among the campus lovebirds, thereby leaving the needy and vulnerable students desperate for love.

Wealthy students enjoy the monopoly of beautiful women on campus while the needy and poor students are on the verge of straying single during their study period. In most cases, due to desperation for money and being able to associate with wealthy students, most needy students lose themselves to the level of giving themselves freely to be used by the affluent students. For instance, ladies with the quest for money would give themselves to more affluent men for sex services to maintain the lines and introduce new friendships, and vice versa is true. Such relationships have led to unwanted pregnancies and even contributed significantly to the spread of sexually transmitted infections, which has left most students torn in pain and psychological torture whence, letting students into drug abuse and suicidal mindsets.

Loans and misuse of financial support for students have been put into lousy use as most students tend to use them to impress others to taste the campus love life. This has caused distraction of studies since most students are unable to account for the fees they misused.

A parting shot, I would like to say, money is everything, but everything is not money.

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