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The Way Your Partner Displays Affection Reveals What They Value In You

Encouraging you to achieve your goals

We should know that being in a relationship doesn’t actually mean being with your partner all time or texting them 24/7, because at the end of the day, you are 2 separate individuals with different goals and dreams. And if your partner encourages you to dedicate more time to achieve your goals, rather than complaining about them not being the center of your attention, it means they value personal space. You should understand that your partner also has a life and the right to pursue their own dreams, this is a sign of maturity and true love.

They listen to you like your personal diary

Remember that a partner that is always ready to listen to you and comfort you on both your sad and happy days, they are not only a great listener but this also suggests that they value trust in your relationship. Your partner tries to make the connection between you 2 stronger and more honest by allowing you to vent.

Helping you around the house

In situations where your partner doesn’t mind doing the laundry or doing chores regularly, it is a clear sign that he considers you as their equal, their equivalent half. It is really hard to find somebody who values equality in a relationship, therefore if you have found your special someone, don’t let them go.

They don’t mind talking about you to their loved ones

This is considered to be the clearest sign that your loved one is not fooling around with you, they talk to their friends and family about you. If your significant other doesn’t mind telling others about your relationship, it means that they value commitment and that they are with you for all the right reasons and they totally see a future with you.

Engaging in PDA whenever you go out

Although an occasional public display of affection is okay, but if your partner does it all time, it might be a warning sign. Wanting to show your relationship off to others is a sign of insecurity and if your partner just doesn’t know how to keep their hands off you, even in public, it might mean they are lusting after you.

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