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Why Men Are Prone To Pushing You Away

When you date a guy, it's the fashion to assume he wants to hold hands with you, take you out on fancy dates to build up an emotional bond with you, and commit to being your boyfriend. The article goes into detail about why men are often prone to pushing their girlfriends away in various situations when they feel threatened by the strength of the woman's feelings for them.

What air does a man use to push you away

Men will often use their "air tanks" to push a woman away if they have a need for personal space. If a man is feeling overwhelmed he may use one of these needs to get the woman away from him, rather than starting a conversation about what's wrong. And some men might also feel they need to push a woman away so they can return to surviving on their own.

Why men use the lack of attraction as a means to push you away

There is no secret sauce. If you find a man and he's pushing you away, it's all about vulnerability and fear. The only time women will push their partner away is when they become very passive, clingy or demanding. Men don't want that.

How to avoid being pushed away by achieving your needs

Men do not like to be seen as weak. That is the reason they will keep you close but never vulnerable. It can show their needs and needs someone to make them feel secure. Same with their feelings; the next best thing they can do is to move away or avoid you.

Different types of relationships and how it impacts your need fulfillment

It is important to understand where you are in your relationship, or it may build up anxiety and insecurity.

This blog talks not about the conflict women experience when husbands refuse to marry them; rather, it sheds light on how proximity impacts satisfaction in relationships.

The reluctance of a man who has been pushed away before

Men are trained not to show any weakness, so they build up an emotional wall which can be harder to break through. Men who have been pushed away in the past are generally very difficult to get close with them because they don't want anyone to see how soft they are on the inside.

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