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5 Main Mistakes A Man Should Avoid When Dating A Single Mother.

Ever known what befalls a man because of dating a single mother?

Single mum:


Every so often, a man may find himself dating a single mother. It is not a crime dating a lady in that position, but it can only work for you as a man if you do it right. This is because even if anything happens, you won't feel you have lost everything, or you have been betrayed.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the main mistakes a man should not make when in a position of dating a single mother.

The main mistakes are:

1. Past life.

When you have fallen for a single mother, never try to know more about her past life because it will give you a feeling that might make you to be doubtful to her. Asking more about her past life might make her lie to you and at some point when you get know it might create a misunderstanding and disagreement because most people hate lies upon.

2. Children.

As a man, you should not love the mother because of the attractiveness she poses. You should in cooperate her kids in your life too to make her feel you care much for them all. If at a point, she will realize that you are only into her but not her kids, then be rest assured one day you might be kicked out.

3. Moving in with her.

You two moving in as a couple is not a bad idea, but you should know that as a man, you should be the head of the house. What we mean is that, do not move in with her in her house, no matter how she convince you because if things go wrong you will be the one to carry your cloths out of the house. Be the one to pay bills and house rent and in your house, not hers.

4. Getting children.

You should not be in a rush to sire children with her. This is because she might be having a short break till when she gets in terms with the father of her children. Try to understand her that much so that you don't regret in your life.

5. Seriousness.

You should not take the relationship more serious since she might be having a break and maybe that time she needs someone to be by her side. When things come to normal, she might leave you there back to her husband. Do not put your two legs in it but have an outside eye so that if it doesn't go as planned, you will not feel low but only if you take this risk.

Have you ever dated a single mother?

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