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Reasons Why Good Girls Get Dumped by Men

Among the many reasons why breakups are difficult to deal with is the fact that the experience tags along with it a heavy emotional weight. Listed below are some of the possible reasons why good girls are dumped by men;

1. Fear of marriage - When things with the both of you start becoming serious, it might just scare him off. The fact in such a situation is that you are a good girl who happened to be in a relationship with a coward.

2. Family- Families play a major role when it comes to relationships. It does not matter whether it's your family or his that led to your breakup but there is nothing much you can do about it.

3. Trust- it does not matter whether one is kind, mean, good or bad. If there is no trust in the relationship, it is bound to crash.

4. Conflicts or differences- there is a possibility of people liking you because of your nature of being good. There are however some irreconcilable differences that might lead to the relationship not working.

5. Envy- This is among the terrible things that we ought to do away with as human beings. You may be doing so well in life to a point where he gets envious whenever he sees you. Photos: courtesy.

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