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5 of The Toughest Questions Women Ask Men

There are many things to talk about with your partner. Asking questions in a relationship helps make it strong as it creates understanding. However, women are asking men some hard questions that put them between a rock and a hard place. Answering such questions without keen understanding could put you under fire.

Here are five hardest questions women ask men:

1. Do you love me?

It’s like women are programmed to always ask this question. Many of you have failed to answer this question well. Answers such as does it matter, you know that, I suppose so or even its obvious have always landed men in trouble. She always wants you to tell yes and talk about some good things about her.

2. Do I look fat?

This question looks harmless until you answer it wrong. Even if your woman is fat, telling her straight how fat she is will make her hate herself if she doesn’t like being called fat. Again if she wants to be fat and you don’t approve it she will feel bad. Always study her to know what she wants to be told.

3. What are you thinking?

Don’t spark doubts in her by answering it wrong. Don’t complicate what to answer her. You can tell her you are thinking about studies, football or your mother. If you tell her you are thinking about her, she will want to know more about what you are thinking and this could make you lie which isn’t good.

4. Do you think she is prettier than me?

This is another question that could heat up things. In whatever answer you give, make sure she is the prettiest woman in the world. Any other comparisons will make her think you don’t like some things about her which aren’t good.

5. Do you like my new dress?

She will ask you this whenever she has bought a new cloth. She would like you to notice the good in her new dress and nothing bad given she can’t return it. Assure her that it is good, and let her know the events she will look great attending with that dress.

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