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Married but in love with someone else. What you should do.

It is very common to start falling out of love with your partner even if you have been in a committed relationship or marriage for some time. Whenever you feel attracted to someone else other than your partner you try as much as possible to let that out of your mind because it can be something of the moment. Paying too much attention may make you lose your long time relationship to something you are not even sure will work.

Talking to your partner about how you feel about the relationship is important and you should not leave him in the dark. Telling that you are disconnected and try to work towards reviving the connection . When you are committed and take your vows seriously you should stick to what you committed to even when that initial feeling of excitement is over.

But when there are substantial reasons why you feel that you can't continue to be in the relationship either because of abuse or your needs are not met . If this is the case then you should not sacrifice your happiness just for others to feel comfortable.

Whatever it is that you choose you should make sure that both people are aware of me what they are dealing with . Don't try to have a relationship with them both at the same time because there are high chances that it might not end well . Your spouse might find out then you will have to explain yourself which will not look good on your end. Coming out clean and apologise to your partner and start working towards starting the process of healing is the best to do in situations like this.

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