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Wedding planning scene

Wedding Drama in Eldoret as Photographer Deletes 600 Photos After Being Denied Food at Reception

Food at wedding receptions is something that a lot of people crave given how good it is and how many people get invited to the wedding.

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If there's no proper organization at a wedding, then food enda up not being enough for the invited guests as the bride and groom only budget for the guests.

This afternoon, there was drama in Eldoret town when a hired photographer went and did the unthinkable with the wedding pictures.

The photographer is said to have been hired to take pictures of the wedding ceremony which he had done, ceremoniously throughout the day.

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The pictures are said to have been upto 600 which he had taken during the entire event that was held today.

However, when it came to the reception, the photographer was denied access to the sumptuous meal of rice and chicken that was prepared for the guests.

This is because he was not invited to the reception except for taking pictures of the bride and groom and the guests invited.

When he realized that he would not be sharing in the meal that was prepared for the guests, he deleted all the wedding pictures.

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