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Signs That Show If You Are A Toxic Person

A toxic person is someone whose behavior always add negativity and upset others. Toxic people are most likely to be narcissists. Sometimes toxic people are dealing with their own stresses, depression and trauma.

Toxic people are everywhere. At places of work, at home, schools,business places among other places. At times, it is a comfort of our own homes. Being toxic can ruin your relationships with others, it may lead to breakup with your partner and poor interactions with others. Now what happens when you are the toxic person.

 Let's navigate the signs that makes you know that you are a toxic person.

1. Being self-centered.

A toxic person always think about him/herself first before anybody else. Such people are very mean in all that they have and will only come to help as long as they will benefit from the 'help' they claim to offer. If they realize that they are not benefiting, they will always cut themselves from you/ the help they offered/ the project they started with you. For example when a person asks how you have been/ how your day was, you answer and not ask back. These people are good at always playing the victim say in an argument.

2. Anger management.

They are very temperamental. Getting angry easily and unnecessarily not only puts one's relationships at the edge but also kills the vibe and enthusiasm in the relationship. They luck patience all the time. A bad temper can cost you alot and in the end you end up looking like a fool.

3. Pessimistic.

Toxic people are always negative. They speak negative things and says. They tend to lean and hold on the bad side of everything and they are always moody. They tend to believe evil outweighs the good and the bad thing likely to happen is that they influence their friends to be the same. They complain about everything even when there is nothing to complain about. They always make you feel bad and guilt about yourself.


They claim and believe that they are ever perfect and they don't make mistakes. It is very easy for them to always see your mistakes and not theirs. They will always blame you for all bad things that happens around you guys. It is easy for them to look at the speck in your eye and not see the log in theirs and correcting others is part of their lifestyle. They will put pressure on you to keep up with their lifestyles and act like little puppets.


They no nothing about respecting other people boundaries. However, they want to be respected and have private life and boundaries. These people have no respect for personal space. Be it in your house, your belongings and they always assume that,'Yours is Their' while theirs is very personal and cannot be touched. They are the kinds of people who will come at your place take what they want without feeling the pinch. They are insecure and will always want to navigate through you phone, see who called, texted and all sorts of lack of respect behavior.

6.They don't know how to say sorry.

They never apologize for their mistakes,they will always find a reason to hide their mistakes. They are so good at turning things around making you guilty and look like the bad one always.

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