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Why Kalenjin Men Trust "Bakule" More Than Anyone With Their Marital Issues

The word Bakule and it's influence on Kalenjin marriages has been trending for the last few days on the internet after Kalenjin comedians exposed it to the public. Bakule in Kalenjin means a person whom you were initiated together if you are a boy. Initiates from the Kalenjin nation are confined in a single point in a group of not more than twenty boys for those who still strictly observe and treasure the Kalenjin culture. Here are the reasons why these men grow up to trust each other so much that they can share even the closest secrets.

During initiation these boys are taught to have togetherness in life by sticking together. This kind of taught is not even verbal but it automatically comes after initiation. It is difficult to know how this kind of "sticking" together is possible even 80 years after initiation. If you were to ask a Kalenjin man to name his fellow initiates and their whereabouts even when old he will tell you all of them without blinking. That is why even incase of anything arising from one of their own in marriage,they are the first one to decide.

They share secrets among themselves which cannot be shared to other age groups. Each age group in Kalenjin respect themselves and in case of one man in a different age group misbehaving towards another. The age group which are offended will respond in large numbers to defend their "Bakule" especially in issues such as marital conflicts which are common.

These are people who can know you more than your father. In fact if you were to disagree with your father publicly in a Kalenjin land , he will immediately call these guys to come and talk to you what your father intended you to listen to. You will not have a choice once they are consulted. It's a difficult cultural matrix though it's currently fading away the sparkling nature in it.

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