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Reasons you should not run into marriage

1.Parental abuse

Parental abuse at home should not make someone make a decision of running with someone for reasons of marrying them and making them happy. The reason being you could be running from frying pan into the fire. How sure are you that the person your running off with wont be worse than what you have already endure. Instead you should seek help from a trusted friend or even church. Make sure to seek help from someone who will offer the required help. Marriage will never solve your underlying problems from home.

2.Seeking Love to be Okay''

Marriage should never be your source of feeling loved or happy. If so, know that this is dependency and is not love. You should learn to love yourself first know the things that define you and make you happy before even allowing someone into your life. For instance let your partner hear you say you have a dinner date with your friends ,or your going for a sole vacation to discover yourself more .But never make a mistake of getting married to seek all the above things.

3 To have kids

Marriage was never entirely created to only have kids ,Marriage is for companionship. Therefore ,its always to have the conversations of kids during dating this is to get each other wants and priorities in your lives. The feeling to have children should be mutual between partner nobody should force anyone into marriage to sire them kids that's very wrong.

4.Dating for a long period of time

The pressure of people getting into marriage due to dating for a long time is usually very high .The years in front of you are more essential that the years you have spent together. If you cannot account for any growth during the years then the relationship is not worth the next step of marriage. It is said better a broken relationship than a broken marriage

5.Due to Pregnancy

It would be foolishness for someone to run into marriage after realizing they are expecting a child with this person .It would be wiser if you did all your speculations and calculations. Is your partner into marriage? Are you the person you want to spend your life with? Were there conversations of having children incase he marries you? This are very important question that one should go through before making the huge jump.

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