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Husband and wife relationship

Mistakes Women Make in Marriage

Quitting their job after getting married.

Many quit jobs due to many reasons. For instance when spouses work far away from each other, it will be decided the wife should leave work and concentrate on her marriage since long distance relationship cannot work effectively. In another case when a woman gets pregnant she might decide to quit job and concentrate on taking care of her kid.

This is the worst decision ever. A man will start disrespecting his woman and see value in women who are working. Not remembering that the woman sacrificed her job out of love. The man can go to an extent of marrying a second wife who is working so as to maintain his pride. When the man dies or anything happens to him that he can't provide any more, it will be hard for the woman to provide because she has low chances of recovering her lost job.

Paying major bills.

A wife is supposed to cater for small bills like electricity and water. But when she decides to pay rent and school fees for kids, the man forgets his role and leaves all the burden to his wife. The man will feel belittled at times because his place as a provider is taken.

Saying too much about a bad past.

When a man knows negative things about a woman, he will always use it to attack the woman during an argument. Let's say the woman aborted or was a prostitute in her past life, he will always use this to humiliate her. It is better for one to keep things for themselves.

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