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Avoid A Controlling Partner - Benjamin Zulu Advices Couples

Benjamin Zulu advices couples that people who are controlling usually. Is because they have mountains of unsolved issues. Instead of digging it up they try to project it by controlling you.Too much of controlling your partner ruins the connection. As your partner refuse you either to do business. Not to associate with friends lose connection.Will blame you for all shortcomings. You will become an escape goat for the pain.

When a person tells you loves you and feels bad when other people talks to you. That is a sign you are dealing with a controller. Who need a lot of constant reassurance. Becouse of their past where they are coming from. You can get compliance but lose connection. You can use power and make them to pull out from anything you want but can hate you. You will live under the same roof like strangers. Let it be suggestive not commending your partner. Like a child who can not control affairs or give opinions.

As an adult how do you feel being investigated by your partner. And being monitored everywhere not even trusted. You don't feel respected, don't comply but will resent you and you will lose them. When a person treats you as a suspect yet you mean well you get affected you start to rebel. Rebel ruins your connection means you admired them. And attracted with them but now are treating you with a bad motive. You can see men walking around tired some fatigue is not from work. But is being controlled apologizing on daily basis to his partner is humiliating. Men's face expression and body language shows sadness. Level of heartbreak is when you have emotional pain and when your trust is injured.

Live in love with poverty yet poverty itself is harassing. It imposes no responsibility but allows you to blame everybody except yourself for your situation. Don't marry hope and expectation hoping within one year you will be okay. Love is voluntary.

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