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Dear Men, Here Are The Tips to Date a Woman Playing Hard To Get

A lady will play hard to get just to keep away less serious men from their lives. Ladies get pissed when a man comes along genuinely, talk cool, get what they want then walk away. It is a waste of time to most ladies. They needs a man who when allowed in to date them, stays for as long as it will take. Such men are unfortunately few and so ladies are playing hard to avoid being dated. However, if you are a man of serious intentions, just do the following and the lady playing hard to get will be yours.

Don't stress up yourself brother, time her out wherever you always see her. Go like a real gentleman and take her number. Ladies playing hard to get will rarely give out their numbers and when they offer it, they will never respond to your texts or calls. Just have the number and wait. Don't text her that very night.

Text her after a while for formality. Don't let her know your intentions. Just be there texting and randomly checking on her. Build a vibe between you and her such that that when you ask her out or to meet up, she won't say no. Don't rush up things. This could take a week or two.

After meeting her, make it look fancy. Ask her relevant questions and have her laughing all the time. Be funny but more stoic. Make your intentions clear to her during the meeting. If she is genuinely dating, she will say but if she was playing hard to get, she will allow you in. She will open up and tell you what she expects in a relationship and if you can abide by them, move on with her.

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