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Four major signs that someone is secretly hating you and you might not know

1) Their body language is not open.

Body language can be key to finding out if someone likes or dislikes you. When someone is exhibiting closed off body language, that is not a good sign. This could be crossed arms, crossed legs, leaning back from you, sitting as far away on the couch from you as is humanly possible, or even avoiding you at all costs.

2) They block you on their social media networks.

Social media is all about connecting with loved ones and building relationships. Many people find social media platforms critical for maintaining relationship's. With that in mind, what better way to express resentment than to block every communication channel, including social media. Since they hate you, they use this medium to get you out of their hair and move on.

3) Everything seems forced.

Everyone knows that tthe best friendship and relationships are the ones that are genuine. If any situation you are in or conversation that you are having feels forced, then that is a telltale sign that the person there may not like you.

4) They do not listen to you.

This is another good way of deciphering whether someone hates you. In conversation or when you give them advice, if the person does not listen to you, you should know there is something with your relationship. Your hater will look bored, disinterested and generally not pay attention to you when you talk to them.

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