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Husband and wife relationship

Types of women every man would like to have

It is very hard to find an old couple who have been in marriage for long in this generation. Many young girls and boys have sponsors nowadays. These sponsors aren't just angels from above, they are men and women who are people's husbands and wives.

Below are types of ladies that most men would find iresistable to love.

1. A woman who gives them attention

Being beautiful may have won you a good man, but being a good listener and paying attention to what he says might help you keep him without difficulties.Your personality is what will make him love you. Having a good listening habit is an evidence that you respect him.

2. A clean woman

A clean lady means a clean home, a clean husband and clean children. No man would like to go to a dirty home or even eat dirty food. Clean ladies are attractive to all men.

3. A woman who knows how to dress

Perfect attire never fails to impress. As a woman, it will make any men want to know you and will always draw their attention to you whenever you pass.

4. An intelligent woman.

Smartness does not necessarily mean having the highest level of degree in education.You can be smart in the small things you do, decisions you make or even the way you talk.

5. A caring woman.

You might be able to get all things from your lady but lack of care will be felt when it's not there. Being taken care of interms of your feelings, your preferences and your well being means there is love.

6. A responsible woman.

A good woman always knows what she is supposed to do. She knows her place in the society and always takes her responsibilities seriously. As a woman being able to own up to your mistakes and knowing how to correct them is what men love. Maturity will make you understand that life has its ups and downs. Being responsible for your actions can never be a mistake.

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