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Interesting Tricks To Have Him Chasing You

We have to admit that nowadays ,women have take the role of chasing men . And by doing so they have some couple of heartbreak from who they were chasing. It is good as woman to press the reverse button and let men chase over , so that they can win you. Men like don't like women who are boring and say yes to very thing, they want a woman who is going to challenge them so that they can make the relationship more exciting. Remember to always let man chase and respect them when they are doing so. Here are some tricks for the ladies to make that man chase after you.

1. Be confident

Men are attracted to women who are confident and are not scared to stand for what they believe in. Make sure you are confident even when you enter a room , you always attract the crowd because of your confidence. Men are mostly attracted to this type of women , because they are not going to shy away from what they want and what they believe in. If you want a man to chase you make you are confident and overly confident so that they will want to persue.

2. Keep yourself busy

It is always important to keep yourself busy and things that you like to do as a person. Remember by being busy you are not going to available to them whenever they need you , when a man knows that you are always there whenever he needs you he may start getting bored. A man wants a woman that he is going to miss and not the clingy type that is there whenever he wants her. Make sure to make yourself busy , because it is also going to make you grow as person.

3. Don't be easy to please

So a man bought you a gift and you want everyone to know that he did so , while you have just bought it for yourself. When man buys make you thank them but don't go over the top about the issue of them buying you gift. By this you are showing him that he cannot by your heart rather his actions and he treats people matter so much. A man will be in his toes and will also know that he cannot buy his forgiveness when he has done you wrong or disrespect you. Remember that money only gives you access to things but not a good character.

4. Avoid giving him all of your time

This is one of the mistake that women make when they are dating a man , is that we drop everything we have just to be with them . It is essential to remember that you had a life before a man came to you life, make sure create time for them and also continue to do things that you used to do. Men always get bored and may stop the chasing when they realize that they are not working for you attention, it is always a good idea to make a man sweat for you.

5. Remember to always spend time with your friends

Most women pit their friends to the side when they start dating a man , please make sure you are not that type of a woman. Remember to have time for your friends and also for the new man in your life, your friends may even give you there advice about the guy. A man will be scared to hurt because your friends are going to stand up for you. This will show a man that your life doesn't evolve around them and will have to chase you so that they can spend time with you.

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