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Why Paying School Fees For A Lover Has Costed Life And Caused Depression Here Are Ways To Overcome.

Anything that is related to sponsorship has expectations attached to it. Nothing is for free, every receiver of any financial aid in a relationship has to be aware of this truth and therefore be prepared to payback in whichever way that deems right to the type of relationship one is having.

Many people are living in pretence to this truth, and here are different ways that will enable you overcome the pain or eliminate the danger of suffering when you are in this relationship.

1. Fulfil The Demands Of Your Relationship.

If you are dating or a you are a fiance, then know that at the end of your studies or as you continue with your studies, the proposed agreement you had should be binding. Don't change your mind. Many people are living in depression because how they were shortchanged in their initial agreement. Most of the time the sponsors are the ones who have suffered a big blow, for they count it as a wastage of money, time and resources.

2. Be Ready To Let It Go Just Incase Things Don't Work Out As Expected.

In any relationship there are many uncertainties, do not be rigid in life. You may trust someone whom you may never know what he/she might become tomorrow. Give room for this change just incase it happens. If you are offering financial aid do it moderately as if you are not expecting something back. Let It be like a brotherly assistance or do not do it at all if it has strings attached. This will enable you to live a reality of your self.

3. Be Transparent And Commit Your Ways To Honesty And Truthfulness.

When you are a man/lady in a relationship where you are the one being financed be principled in all your ways. Let what you have purpose from the beginning give you guidance in your future engagements. Do not involve in matters that contradict your initial declaration. Remember that every seed sawed will at one time sprout out and yield its fruit either of joy or tears, everything that goes around comes around too.

4. Avoid Evil Counsel At All Cost.

Never take any word from your friends that will interfere with your genuine relationship. Remember that not everyone is happy about you sponsoring or being sponsored. Of You really mean it to have it for the two of you, you will avoid all trials that will come your way to cause you break the agreement you made, be it another man or woman. Remember that whoever finds you in need and takes it upon himself/herself is the one who suits you. Yes you may get another one afterwards but let your wisdom guide you. You are there because of the first one. Cherish that first person.

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