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Love Is Blind, Netizens Relive Stupid Things They Did in The Name of Love

There is a common quip that when you first get to know someone close to you and realize that you only see perfection in him, that is the common sense that leaves you.

That is because love has a way of blinding people from the very essence of the person they have feelings for, so much so that they ignore the most obvious signs of trouble.

Sometimes a person recognizes the mistakes but lets them slip in the hope that they will change for the better as time goes on.

Frustration begins when love reaches a point where nothing new or exciting happens, and then the mistakes that have been swept under the carpet come out.

Kenyans also see the absurd mistakes and sacrifices they have made to please their best pieces at the height of love, but regret it later after finding them again.

One of the most common mistakes to give a complete heart to someone who doesn’t like back.

This category consists of people who are made to feel loved by their partner who was willing to make a profit, after which they leave and move on to the next victim.

Perhaps the saddest revelation of love was to see someone who had seen so many partners at one time.

The biggest perpetrators here are married men seducing unsuspecting women into relationships to learn later that you are totally committed elsewhere.

That is not to say, however, that women are not to blame for this as there is evidence to the contrary.

One thing about blind love is that when a person opens their eyes to the fact that they have been deceived, it also appears to them that the symptoms of the problem are full but they simply choose to follow their hearts rather than their minds.

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Kenyans Love Is Blind


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