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Dramatic Scene As Woman Separates With Husband After Being Chased Away By Mother-in-law

A woman dramatically separates with her husband after mother-in-law chased him away from a house that her husband had rented for him.

Speaking to Gidi and Ghost,the woman Narrated that she separated with her husband because of his mother who didn't want her.

The woman identified as Sharon, said that drama started when her husband relocated her to the village from Nairobi and rented for her a house at the shopping center next to their matrimonial home.

After sometime a conflict arose between her and the mother in law who accused her of inviting men to her rented house while the husband was away.

The misunderstanding between the two, excalated when mother in law,went to her rented house and ordered her to leave.

She hired a lorry and packed the sons belongings and ferried them to her house in the village.

The woman was forced to relocate back to her parents and that is how she separated with the husband.

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