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Husband and wife relationship

Here Are Four Reasons Why Many Men Are Afraid of Getting Married And Where Their Weaknesses Are Most

Men are now afraid of getting married because of many reasons, Today I want to clarify some of the reasons why it might be too hard for men to marry. The first reason is that most men nowadays believe that you cannot start a family is you are not very rich. Having money is very important to you has a man before you start a family, but you should not wait until you are a millionaire to start a family. Years will keep moving and you will grow old as you wait to be a millionaire.

Many youths of this generation are getting it hard to start a family because they don't want to work hard. When a man is lazy that he can't even even go to work to make some money, he will be very idle and start doing things that break laws. Many men nowadays look for women who can take care of them and give them money which is very wrong. Remember when you want to date a woman who is supposed to your mother and you expect to live with her has her husband, it's a big lie. Any woman who will give you money to be with her is a scam because you should work hard and start a family to have your own children and wife.

Men are a fraid of young ladies because they are not sure whether they are after money or love. Some of them marry these wealthy men because of their wealth. But once the wealth is over they will run away from them, so they end up not marrying because they don't want to be heart broken. So if you are ready this article please make decisions wisely.

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