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Avoid Rushing After Breakup With First Relationship - Benjamin Zulu Advices

Benjamin Zulu advices public that once you walk away from the first relationship.Stop communication take a free time away from that person.Don't rush to another relationship before you redefine your life.Even if you are not emotionally involved take a moment to rethink the direction of your life.So that the next phase you don't repeat.What you did wrong with the previous relationship.

Conscious living will save you unnecessary troubles.How to stay on a straight part to avoid temptations.The great mistake for ladies after breakup is that they grade themselves as second class.So the next dating they almost have no standards.When already have children who depend on you. And you don't have a way to feed them.First you need financial independence and stand on your two feet.Once out of the environment of the previous relationship.Impose rules you disobeyed in the pervious relationship.

Even if you have two children but you have never restored your dignity and your principals.For a man to marry you and make you the woman of his life. You must have impressed him with your selfrespect.Once you have two children as a single lady your social category has automatically changed.Dating is a market men always categorize ladies and price them accordingly.With two children you will be dating other men also have children from other relationships.Date consciously with people to check whether you are in the same place.

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