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Love:How To overcome

Should I hold on?

I find it hard to forgive,

Because it's too easy to hold on,

I am trying to look for a sense of control,

But it's letting my pain define me,

It's getting in the way of who I am,

But it's never too late,

I'll let go and never look back.

I don't want to be a prisoner,

Of my bitter past anymore,

I'll keep moving forward,

Forgive those who hurt me,

Cause it really won't help if I hold on,

All I have is one life to live.

And focus on my future,

I know it's not my fault,

That what happened did happen,

But I have my own side of story,

And all the lessons that I learnt,

I can't change the situation,

But why does it replay in my mind?

When it only takes away my joy.

But it's never too late anyway,

I will have to work on it,

By freeing my soul,

And keep moving on,

Focus on my future,

For truly my past counts.

Content created and supplied by: Mozartlitt (via Opera News )


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