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Things Ladies Do Which Show She Loves You Especially The First

Ladies profess their love to men in many ways though it's the work of the man to discover the moves and interpret them in the right manner. They tend to get attracted to hard-working, smart and understanding men and since they can't say directly they express their emotions through actions. If you note her doing the following then she might be in love with you;

1. She doesn't hesitate to spend money on you. Ladies are very sensitive on spending money. If she doesn't mind spending some money on you then that lady could be in love with you.

2. She tells you she dreamt of you last night. If you dream with somebody it means that you always think about him or her. The lady may be suggesting she loves you and you are always in her mind even if she never dreamt with you.

3. The lady enjoys spending time with you. If a lady likes spending time with you no matter her tight schedule then she might be in love with you. Anybody who loves spending time with you loves you since he or she doesn't feel time wastage when he or she does so.

4. If a girl calls you in the late hours of the night just to hear from you. Communication is a key element in relationships. If a lady sacrifices her credit and time to call you then she might be in love you.

5. If a girl looks at you and smile. She is usually imagining things and feels blessed to have you. It shows that you make her feel happy. If you have a girl who looks at you and just smile for no reason the lady might be in love with you.

6. She cries when you hurt her. Ladies are usually emotional with someone they love. If a girl loves you and you tend to hurt her she cries since she doesn't expect that from you.

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