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5 Phone Behaviours Which Tells Your Partner Might Be Cheating On You

In this error of technology, it is much easier to know when your partner is cheating on you. By simply monitoring his or her behavior on the phone, you will be able to tell if there is unfaithfulness in your relationship.

1. Clearing chats every time

When you are with your partner and he or she keeps clearing chats in his/her phone, then it means there is something being hidden from you. Probably the evidence of another affair outside that relationship. It can also be clearing recent phone calls. If this is true for your partner, there is high chances of cheating.

2. He is she will never leave a phone on the table

Your partner is going everywhere and holding his or her phones a day long. This is a sign of cheating. The worst is when he or she goes to a toilet with the phone. A faithful lover do not have such behaviours because there is nothing to hide.

4. People in the block list are calling

A long list of blocked numbers communicates something about your partner. If you get a chance to have his or her phone, and what you can see is harassment filter displaying people attempting to call, then probably those numbers have been recently blocked because you are around. That is a sign of cheating in a relationship. Distance yourself from people who do not respect you and the time you are spending with them.

4. He/she is not keeping your chats

If your partner has reached an apex of clearing your chats oftentimes, then there is something cooking somewhere.

6. Password everywhere

You cannot access the call history, gallery and WhatsApp. Unless your partner is open to keep you the password, there is a big cheating in that relationship. Respect yourself and wait for the right person in your life.

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