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Love relationship


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The Darkside of love

Why are there many deaths from the colleges and campuses?.... Do you think the government can reduce these deaths???Welcome to my channel we shall be discussing on love matters that claims many lifes in our country.Read the article and share your ideas to my channel so that we can help our young generation. Just the other day a student was stabbed to death by her lover,.. not to mention the campus because i lack no enough courage..its sorrowful😭

In another instance ,a student jumped from a four storrey building in chuka university😳. Another death occurred previously in kemu when a lover killed his fiancee and commited suicide😓.Its my wish that we find a way of eliminating the death of our interllectuals and our professionals in the workforce due to fake relationships that eventually lead to termination of ones life.💔

A piece of advice from me is that the young men can choose to search for their long life partner through the mentors and take their time when courting ,seek Gods guidance and focus on their studies rather than peer influence from comrades.whats your Advice ??..please like ,share ,comment and subscribe.👍

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