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Opinion: This Is What It Means When A Lady Tells You I Will Think About It

In most cases when a guy approaches a girl and asks if he could take her out, the common reply is usually, "I will think about it." I am sure that most of you guys reading this have received this response at one time or even more. One question usually runs through our minds after getting this reply, what could be in her mind?

For most guys, they view this phrase as a sign that the lady is not interested in them. For others, it is a sign of hope to prove themselves to the lady in order to get the chance they want. When a lady says this words to you, you need to be observant of how she says them.

First, observe her tone. If it is a joyous, there is hope. Most ladies want to avoid the thing of being called cheap if they say YES to your proposal too fast. That is what makes them act tough to get by saying need to think about it so that you can try harder.

Another reason that ladies use this phrase is because they don't want to hurt your feelings. Instead of using the harsh word NO, she just tells you that she will think about. This at least gives you some hope even though you are sure there are no chances of winning her.

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