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Fake Friends Drunk All My Money, Wilbroda Reveals Why She is Single

Someone once said: “Just because they hang out with you and laugh with you does not mean they are your friends. People pretend well. At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people. So pay attention.”

Celebrated actress, radio host, MC, and influencer Jacquey Nyaminde alias Wilbrodahas spoken about the bane that is fake friends.

Speaking to Buzz Central’s Cheptoek Boyo, Awilo said that things were okay at the acme of her career and she was raking in a good amount from the endorsements. Owing to the pressure and with an abundance of funds, she took to alcohol

Her so-called friends indulged with her and none dared advise her

“That time I was at the peak of my career and getting good money. I had a crew that would only talk positively about me. We would sit and drink and a lot of the time I would be the one footing the bills.”

Wilbroda said she would drink on a daily basis until one day when she decided to change her ways.

“I sat down and told myself, this is not the kind of life I want my son to grow into. I told myself I need to take a break from this kind of drinking and I had to stop.”

For two years, Wilbroda did not drink alcohol. At that period, she learned who her true friends were.

“I took a two-year break. I did not touch alcohol. The friends disappeared. I gained true friends and I think now I am a social drinker. I take wine and you will never find me drinking every day. That is what comes with maturity. Unlike before, I can say no to a drink.”


The actress is also single and has explained why.

“In every decision that you make, your child plays such a big role. When you meet someone and you sit down with them and see how he talks, behaves, drinks… it is those very little things that you are like, you know what? I will wait.”

Adding, “Actually, right now, I’m not even in a hurry, I tell myself a time will come when I will be ready because I’m good as I am. I’m really enjoying my life right now. There is no one calling you and asking, ‘Uko?’ Umefika? Wewe ndio bwana kwa nyumba yako.”

Awilo who is co-parenting with her ex, says she doesn’t think she will be dating any time soon

She continued, “What is dating if he cannot come and visit me? It is just not the right time and I haven’t found the right person who has captured my heart one whom I have felt this is the person who will be a role model and mentor to my son as he grows to be a man.”

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