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The Power Of The Ex.

She hurt you so badly some months/years back and you swore never to see her again. You keep yourself busy to distract your mind from the ex. After sometime you learn to cope. Suddenly the ex pays you a surprise visit. You make things clear that you parted ways and you are not an item. She doesn't listen, keeps on visiting and without knowing you are together again.

Despite the heartbreak, crying and sleepless nights, the feelings you once had comes back. You yearn for her love again. Your mind tells you it's wrong. But there is that thing that pulls you back to her. It is so strong than all the raised red flags. You keep on falling back into the hands of your fçormer lover and you ask yourself what is happening? You wish there was magic to make past relationships vanish for ever.

If the relationship with the ex was very serious and you were planning to tie the knot , then it is understandable if you get together. Feelings do not go away easily. There is that thing which makes your heart race when someone mentions her name . It is not easy to get over someone you had invested so much in terms of time, emotions and money.

An ex has power that can make you kiss the ground she walks on. You ask, what is this power? It is the way she revives feelings you once had for her. All those feelings come back to you like a river, and emotions overtake you and you end up going after her.

In most cases the feelings aroused by the ex are sexual and once you agree to reconcile, there's a properbility that you will breakup again. Whatever you do with the ex, because they have power over you, be ready to face the consequences.


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