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Unexpected Things Men Dislike About Women

Girls, like boys, will go to any length to attract the attention of the opposing gender.

Surprisingly, some of their acts and behaviors can actually work against them! In fact, it's possible that girls aren't even aware that they're doing things that repel men when all they're trying to do is attract them. Here are 3 things that men find unappealing. So, if you're a girl, pay attention to the following.

1. Excessive Makeup Use

Girls may believe that slathering on foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and blush makes them look their best, but no one really likes the look of layers of makeup that can be scraped off like frosting on cake. A face that is two shades lighter (or darker) than the rest of the body, with spidery lashes, goopy lips, and slashes of blush and bronzer, just isn't a look that appeals to anyone.

2. Excessively styled hair

Men aren't drawn to overly done and processed hair, despite the fact that girls spend a lot of time (and money) trying to perfect their haircuts. In truth, most men prefer women with hair that is lustrous, full, and healthy-looking, rather than hair that has been unduly groomed and sculpted. Men prefer loose curls and wavy hair to excessively flat-ironed, sleek straight hair and sophisticated haircuts.

3. Play Hard To Get You

Playing hard to get is a certain way to lose a guy. While it's true that strong women attract men, it's also crucial to note that there's a difference between being independent and being unavailable. Playing games might make a girl appear immature, as if she isn't ready, willing, or interested in getting to know a guy on a more personal level. While she may believe that seeming disconnected and aloof adds to her charm, she comes across as indifferent, flaky, and downright unpleasant.

4 Discussing Your Ex

Girls may believe that badmouthing their ex in front of a new guy is a good idea, but this type of behavior makes them look bad. It's possible that a girl's goal is to prove that she's over her ex and convince the new guy that he has nothing to worry about. Constantly bashing ex-partners, on the other hand, isn't appealing. After all, not only does this kind of behavior make a lady appear vengeful and immature, but her unwavering focus on her ex gives the impression that she still has affections for him.

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