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Reasons for irregular periods

Menstrual cycle is one of the most important thing in women of reproductive age.

Irregular menses can cause anxiety and depression among some individuals.

Periods are considered irregular if they are more than 38 days .

Irregular periods caused by hormonal imbalance can be cured.

But those caused by diseases like ovarian cancer might be difficult to cure.

It may be a sign of infertility because it means that ovulation rarely occurs .

At the age of 45-50 periods may become irregular as a sign of menopause.

Egg white odourless mucus discharge is a sign of periods beginning .

Research shows that consuming apple cider vigenar helps to regularise periods.

Causes of irregular menses

1. Polycystic ovary diseases

2.Hormonal imbalance


4.Mode of lifestyle

5.Uterine fibroids or polyps


8.Premature ovarian insufficiency

9.Pelvic inflammatory disease

10.Change in diet and climate .




1.It is mainly achieved through treating the causative agent .

2.Use of pills (Femiplan ) this helps to bring back hormonal levels to a good range.

3.Analgesics to treat pain

Example paracetamol 500mg TDS.

4.Treat conditions like fibroids which might cause period irregularities.

5.Practise stress reduction and relaxation techniques.

6.See a doctor for regular check ups.

7.Avoid intensive exercises

8.Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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