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Surprising Things Ladies Find Attractive In Men

Older men

According to a 2010 research of 3,770 heterosexual individuals, women prefer older men. Women indicated they liked older gentlemen much more when they become more financially independent. They also have greater resources, allowing them to establish themselves professionally and financially, as well as less drama.

"Playing hard to get"

People prefer it when other people like them, according to previous study, but new studies have indicated that "playing hard to get" can be an effective strategy. When guys are unavailable, women may desire them even more.Couple with backs turned, male playing hard to get


Although some women like it shaven, the majority of women prefer beards. While laying on his chest, he needed something to hold and touch. Barnaby J. Dixson and Robert C. Brooks claim:

Not only does facial hair indicate maturity and masculinity, but it also indicates dominance and aggression.

Selflessness and kindness

If you're seeking for a long-term partner, research has proven that women prefer a man who is generous and unselfish to a man who is vain. Women stay in relationships because they believe that someone somewhere will go above and beyond to protect them at any time. Men who go above and beyond and are truly kind are incredibly appealing to women.

It's crucial to make a strong first impression.

Be aware of your surroundings and think before you say. Once a half-baked remark leaves your mouth, it's gone, and irrevocable damage could result. Experiments have demonstrated that women are more attractive to males who are nonjudgmental, observant, and respectful in a date-based scenario. When you make judgmental or spiteful remarks on the first date, the chances of them picking up your phone afterwards are limited to none.

Do You Have a Dog?

What better way to demonstrate your remarkable responsibility abilities than to look after another live being?Nothing is the answer!If you can care for a dog, you can certainly care for a child, and women appreciate that. Simply taking your dog for a stroll may result in at least one gorgeous lady smiling at you and possibly asking to pet your dog.That simple discussion could lead to a lifelong relationship.

Keep in mind that no woman will enjoy muddy paws all over her perfectly clean clothes, no matter how lovely your puppy is. So make sure to properly teach your dog so that he can be the ideal wingman on your adventures.

Good sense of humor

Women want to know that no matter how difficult a situation is, their man will be able to deal with it positively.

Obviously, it's impossible to have an overly cheerful attitude on life at all times, but a strong sense of humor is an enormously attractive characteristic in a spouse.

The capacity to laugh it off and move on with a positive attitude is vital in every relationship and can be a strong pillar.

Furthermore, who doesn't adore someone who can make them laugh at any time? Women like being lifted out of a bad mood with a smile and some light teasing, and great jokes are really appealing.

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