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Reasons many guys walk out on their ladies

Often times ladies have offered refusal of sex to their men as the sole explanation for breakage of their relationships. While this may be the case, it is not always.

If we ruled out the question of sex in a relationship, it would be conspicuously noticeable that most ladies do not have anything else to offer. Most of them would just sit there, set standards and demand expensive cars, bags, money and outings from their men making them spend unnecessarily.

Any man with plans and goals in life would not put up with such a lady but would rather look for the one with brains that could offer him company to success in life. I'm totally convinced that you have Probably noticed the increase in number of love murders and have wondered what the hell would be going on.

The simple explanation is that many ladies are looking for ready made men instead of finding their soulmates and helping each other to develop. This kind of ladies think they are too beautiful to suffer. I know you may not take this well but it's the hard truth.

Content created and supplied by: Mwalimu Khaemba (via Opera News )


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