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"My Parents Removed My Male Organ & Left Me The Female One" Sharon Makes a Chilling Confession

Many families have lived in states of denial after being unable to disclose certain situations in their lives.Long gone are the days when people would fear even shaking hands with an HIV positive person.Today,people have come out to declare their status in public.

It remains a mystery how God at times creat one person to have two genitals.However,it is a challenge that some people have hidden from the public.Sharon Wahumu Ngeru will not forget about the what she went through.She was born with two genitals.At the time when Sharon was at puberty stage,she had not known what was wrong with her body.Sharon was given this name as at birth with her parents.

At 13,she realised that her physical body started to change and the male physique was more dominant than the female one.It is at this point that her voice started to change and she started developing more muscles like that of a man.She says that she later developed a series of stress and suspicions from her colleagues.What stressed her most is the fact she had grown up being known as a girl yet her body showed that of a male.

The parents of Sharon however decided to go for an operation to remove the male organ.This was successful.Unfortunately,Sharon remained taking hormonal drugs that would completely change her to female.Despite being a female,Radio Jambo reveals that she is still crying of having some man's physical look.

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