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"After Betraying Me With My Sister, I Will Never Forgive You, Only God Can Forgive You" Lady Says.

Nehemia and sarah had dated for quite sometime and had started living together. The boyfriend however, left sarah and started dating Sarah's sister. They started living together and at some point he had plans of getting married.

The following are reasons why Nehemiah left Sarah.

1. Sarah had a child before they started dating and never told Nehemiah about it until they were very deep into the relationship. When Nehemiah found out about Sarah's child he gave her an ultimatum; he would never take care of the child and sarah had to take the child back to her parents. Sarah was left with the option of choosing between her baby and the boyfriend.

2. Sarah was not as beautiful as the sister.

3. Sarah would put on make up and Nehemiah did not love make up.

4. Sarah wore long dresses and attires that made her look very old-fashioned.

5. Sarah's sister showed him love. She wore pretty and short dresses that made her appear more appealing snd ge fell into temptations.

Nehemiah went ahead to leave sarah and start life with her sister. He Ignored sarah and all her attempts to be back into his life.

He later realized that Sarah's sister is not what she seemed to be. She is lazy and a very proud girl. She talks back and has no respect for him and the two ended up breaking up.

The funny thing is that Nehemiah is back and wants to have sarah back into his life. He has promised to take care of Sarah's child and accept her as she is.

He said he is ready to take her back despite her dressing code and her overdone makeup.

Sarah with alot of anger told him that she will never forgive him and that only God can forgive him. She even sarcastically offered to introduce him to her sisters who are more beautiful than her sisters.

Sarah is convinced that this man does not deserve forgiveness and that he will never change despite all the claims. However, she is stuck between holding on to her hatred and giving him a second chance.

What would you advice sarah to do?

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