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Female Celebrities Who Have Been Victims Of Gender Assault

S_xual assault is one of the most traumatizing misfortune that can befall anyone.It always takes courage for one to come out and talk about the ordeal in public.With me are some of the celebrities that have encountered rape and openly talked about it.

1.Eva D'Souza

This actress was assaulted by two men back in 2005.According to the pulse live,the beauty queen was carjacked at her gate by the assailants.She was taken to a slum where she got beaten up and raped by the evil men.She stated that radio was her therapy.

2.Brenda Jons

Brenda who is an Instagram comedian has had one of the worst assault experience.She revealed via an interview that she was first defiled by her uncle when only five years old.The same uncle repeated the act when she was twelve years old after stuffing socks in her mouth.While she was eighteen old,her pastor assaulted her again giving her two hundred shillings to shut up.

3.Adelle Onyango

The radio girl encountered the tragic event in 2008 when she was a student at USIU.She states that she was leaving a club for her friend's car before a stranger offered to escort her.She was then pushed onto the ground and assaulted on the grass.

4.Anita Raey

She is also a radio girl who was defiled when aged fifteenShe was walking out of a club before two men confronted and hit her with a stone.On regaining conciousness,she found herself in a garden where one of the men was forcing herself on her while the other pointing her with a knife.

5.Wendy Kemunto

She recently got her justice after the two rugby players who assaulted her were sentenced to fifteen years in prison.The disgusting act occured back in 2018 and led to an unplanned pregnancy.

6.Anita Nderu

Speaking to BBC news,the radio girl revealed her encounter with sexual harrasment.She revealed that while in a matatu,she felt a cold hand touch her breast and on resistance the man asked why women have them.She says that the same has happened to her three times-twice in a matatu and once in a taxi.Let us all say no to any form of aassault against any gender.Kindly send in your comments as you like,share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles.

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