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Little Things A Woman Wants In A Relationship And Will Never Tell You

1. If you say you like her prove it.

Telling a woman you like her is one thing,but how you go about it determines if she will accept you or not.

You don't tell a woman you like her then start acting all cold and ignoring her waiting for her to make the first move when you are the one who initiated the courtship.

2. The little things you tend to ignore matter.

Yes things like, (how was your day, good morning, have a lovely night). This things matter, they show that you care enough to inquire about her and also you make her comfortable enough to do the same with you.

3. If you are busy say beforehand not after you both go silent on each other.

Tell her when you won't be available, when you are busy. Don't go all silent on her and when you are done with what you were doing it's when you remember to say you were busy.

This sends a whole lot of red flags, like what if you are fooling around with someone else, are you tired of her, or are you moving on after you got what you wanted.

It sounds lame but it's true, never communicating can lead to quarrels and both of you splitting up.

Communication in a relationship matters a whole lot.

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