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How To Ask A Girl For Her Phone Number If You Are Shy. Below Is A Tried And True Approach

So, you run across a cute female, strike up a conversation with her, and presto! Suppose you're completely enamored with her and want to learn more about her. When the conversation ends and you're dying to get her phone number, you have no idea where to start. Don't worry, bro; I've got you covered.

No need to stress yourself out about "how to ask a girl for her phone number" if you are shy or nervous around women. Below is a tried-and-true approach.

1. Be patient and wait for the right moment to come along.

When you ask a girl for her phone number at the height of your conversation, and then carry on a conversation with her afterward, you're showing her you're genuinely interested.

However, if you ask before the chat, she will most likely say no because it will appear that you are trying to take advantage of her, and if you ask after the conversation, it will be evident that you were only interested in her phone number or perhaps scoring a point.

2. Acquaint yourselves with her

The ideal way to use this is if you've met her before or if she lives nearby. If you take your time and get to know each other, asking for her phone number will be much easier. In contrast, if you don't know her and ask for her number while you don't know her, she might believe you're a womanizer out to get her.

Knowing her well opens the door to the possibility of a long-term connection. Even if you don't ask for her phone number right away, you'll have a good idea of who she is.

3. Concoct a compelling reason to blame

When it comes to women, there's always a cunning method to get your way. Demanding or pleading with her directly is usually a dead ringer. This is the best method, and it works almost every time: "Oh, I've got a game with my pals, mind if we continue this topic over the phone?" is a good way to get her out of a tense situation.

4. Ensure you're ready for any follow-up inquiries she may have.

When you ask for her phone number, be prepared for an interrogation. Your response has an impact on whether or not she provides you her phone number. The obvious "To talk to you of course" is a huge turn-off. Avoid it. Instead, be imaginative with your responses, such as, "I have some humorous memes I want us to discuss. "

5. Provide her with access to your mobile device

The best way to convey your trust is by handing her the phone and allowing her dial her own number instead of using the keypad to yell out the number. Second, she's an expert with phones, so put your trust in her. Before meeting with her, browse through your gallery and remove any potentially embarrassing or compromising images or videos.

6. Avoid being overly insistent.

Even if she says no, don't put pressure on her or be overly pushy because doing so will only make it more difficult for you to obtain her phone number in the future. It's not because she said no today that she'll always say no, so walk away and try again tomorrow.

Finally, while all of the above points are noteworthy, your level of self-confidence is the most critical. If you don't have the balls to impress her, she'll turn you down. Girls can smell your personality.

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