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How To Tell If You Have Met A Serious Partner Ready For Marriage

There are so many ways to tell if you've met a person who is looking for a serious relationship.

Let's Check the following indications that show if you've met a serious person or not

1)If their conversations with you is extremely superficial and never seem to graduate beyond the surface,they are not serious.If they genuinely seem interested in your needs,life,desires and future then they are looking for someone to keep.

2)If he/she laughs off your requirements and standards,then they are there for fun,If they seem willing to abide by your rules and actually follow through on them,then they are looking for a keeper.

3)If they take you out on a date and let's you pay or only pays their portion of the bill then they are not serious,If they offer to pay for the bills then that's a clear sign that they are willing to provide for you.

4)If you never meet their friends,co-workers or other people who are important to them then they are not serious.

5)If they keep offering excuses for why they can't meet your friends and family then he's not serious,If he agrees to go to the family gathering or a social event where he will be introduced to family,friends and co-workers then they might be considering you for keeps.

6)If he or she agrees for an open relationship where they are cool with you seeing other people then they are not serious,If they want your relationship to be exclusive and they agrees to date only you then they are considering you for keeps.

By looking at the above,you'll be assured of who you are about to date or who you are dating and know your real place.

Godfrey Munoko

Content created and supplied by: GodfreyMunoko (via Opera News )


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