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Signs That You Are Dating A Desperate Girlfriend

How do you get to know that a girl is desperate? Of course it takes time to read her strategies and if you are an overthinker you'll get the answer immediately. A desperate woman has her own signals which come out especially when she's talking to a guy she likes. Wants to rush into issues, fall in love and do all sorts of things while it lasts. Such women most probably have had long days out of relationships so the urge to compensate for the lost time pushes them.  

Men hate desperate girls because they seem too clingy and carefree. Yes she needs love she is overdoing it. It makes her look cheap, low esteemed and easy to trick. So here are the signs evident in a desperate girl. 

1. Has no boundaries. 

There's something called self respect, which every mature woman should have and uphold strongly. It's used as a defense weapon to avoid being misused by men who are just after taking advantage of women. It defines one's expensive nature and independence on self fulfilment. If a girl has no boundaries then obvious she'll allow you to do anything with her. Doesn't mind anything that can happen and offers you all the free opportunities. In short, her life has no direction it's just a free one.

2. Starts talking about the future immediately after you start dating. 

Obvious a usual girl just takes her time to study you, understand the kind of life you live and learn your goals. But this other type just goes straight to planning for the future, giving names for the kids and family. She's just into a hurry to get over with the things ahead without considering the present situation. If you board this vehicle my brother you'll settle down with nothing to feed that family. 

3. Gives away her personality. 

Of course everyone has different personalities, principles and interest in various things. We're all different in the way we do things and run our lives. However, she drops her own value just to fit in your shoes. You know how difficult it is to force yourself to live in someone else's life lifestyle. It takes longer to adapt and learn how to maintain that pace. So this woman just chooses to let go her priorities and tries to express herself through faking life. 

My dear friend, I'm telling you this woman has a thirsty throat that needs to be satisfied. Be careful because the more she rushes things and changes lifestyle, the higher the chances of becoming wrecklesss. Don't allow her to get you into troubles and giving you responsibilities which you're not ready for. 

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