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BE INFORMED: First Date Tips That Will Make Your Spouse Demand For More.

First date, is the most important occasion in a relationship because it creates the first impression about the two lovebirds. During first dates, people tends to feel nervous and spill the date mood therefore fail to win the heart of their companions.

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However, today I will give you the best first date tips which will make your crush demand for more dates just because he or she wants to spend more time with you.

1. Listen - be a good listener when your is speaking. Don't just do the talking because you will later get boring. Most people especially ladies love men who listen to them.

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2.:Dress to impress - of course, everyone loves a good grooming person who you will feel proud in his/ her company. You could probably indirectly ask a day before what mode of dressing your he/she likes to make sure you are good to impress him/ her.

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3. Make a good compliment - make sure you complement her beauty or his dressing mode for your companion to feel appreciated.

4. Eye contact - make sure you look him/ her directly on the eyes when discussing personal issues. These makes a person get attracted to you.

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5. Do the touching - touching can make a person get attracted to you like holding hands. You should also note that sexual touching is not an ideal idea in first dates.

6. Choose a place you can actually talk - avoid a noisy environment like a bar so as to create a conducive environment where you can talk and hear each other.

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