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My Wife Didn't Know I Have No Legs: What Happened Next Will Make You Cry.

Ndayisenga Jean De Dieu and Bora Muteteri have been in a relationship since 2018. Bora knew the man had both legs functioning very well only to find out that all legs were amputated after their beautiful wedding a few months ago.

"She knew I had both legs and thought it was a normal injury. For I had never shown her my legs and as time went by, it became a difficult puzzle for me," Jean narrates. Let me take you to the very beginning.

According to reports by Afrimax, Jean De Dieu was born normal. However, when he turned 7 years him and the whole family fled to Congo due to insecurity caused by war outbreak in the region. On their way coming back, a bomb exploded. "By when we were returning from Congo, the bomb exploded and all my legs seriously damaged."

The last thing he remembered was the explosion and some noises before he went in a coma for 2 months only to wake up and find himself in a hospital with one leg removed.

After multiple scans, doctors decided to remove his second leg as they could see it could cause more cancer related problems. However for Jean De Dieu, as a young child he could not understand why people could agree to take off all his legs and for that reason he hated doctors.

Things got much worse when his mother who was taking care of him died while giving birth to a baby who was also found to be dead at the time of birth. One year later, the father also got sick and died leaving him with his sister who was 3 years older.

Later, Jean met some nuns who took him to a hospital and the boy was given a movement therapy(kinesiotherapy). Furthermore, he was given some prosthetics freely as he could not afford them and started to walk upright after learning to walk in them. This helped him develop a sense of self belief again.

After finishing high school, he discovered a talent hidden in him and that was singing. The first song he wrote was about disabled people.

As time went by, he enrolled in a singing competition for talented disabled people. Among the audience was the lady who was going to be the love of his life. The two exchanged contacts and after two months of communicating, the man fell in love with the lady.

However, when Jean wanted to propose he feared rejection as people had told him that he would have to look for a disabled partner. The two had promised each other to stay pure until their wedding day and so the lady knew nothing about the condition of his legs.

"I thought of getting married to her as she has always been there for me but I had fear of showing her they way I am. I thought that if she knew I had no legs she will go and leave me," he went ahead to narrate.They organised themselves and had a wedding in the church. After the wedding the man presented a shocking surprise, he showed the woman who he really was. The man explained himself and after she listened to everything, what she did was incredible. She decided to love the man as he is.

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