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Cebbie Koks Nyasego On Women And Alcoholism: Sadly, Nowadays There Are Women Who Can Outdrink Men

Cebbie Koks Nyasego, Akothee's sister, has shared a post on Instagram talking about the rising cases of alcoholism among women. Cebbie says that it is an issue that many people still shy away from talking about it yet women are turning into functioning alcoholics. Cebbie had shared a post originally from Silas Gisiore.

"One thing we are all shying away is female alcoholism. For the first time, I am meeting more and more women who could use a few weeks in the rehab and a few months of detox. As in, we now have women who are functional alcoholics. As in red bulbous eyes that can scare a stray buffalo into the park. Lips that have been scalded by Gilbeys. And a lifestyle where one can't operate with alcohol."

Cebbie said that growing up, what most people are familiar with is seeing male members of the family who were dysfunctional alcoholics but nowadays, women are also falling in the same bracket.

"I am old enough to remember days when women drunk for small small fun, did mostly wine, or the sweetened female beers. That is like 7 or so years ago. Now, we have women who can outdrink men, defying all the science that the female body can only soak so less. Most of us come from families where we lost fathers to alcoholism. We all know a brother, an uncle, who was otherwise talented but we lost him to alcohol. Most of us came from families where our mothers stepped in and up to save the family from a marauding drunk father. We all know the destructive powers of alcohol. It is not something to joke around with. I know a number of you who really hate your fathers for choosing liquor over family."

She further said that if the issue is not handled, the next generation could grow up loathing their alcoholic mothers the same way some people grew up loathing alcoholic fathers. Some women might even end up being stashed away in nursing homes by their children.

"My projection is that in the next 10-20 years, we will have kids who loathe their mothers same way we hated our fathers who drunk themselves into an early grave. And since more and more men are failing in their role as the father's, and more women are likely to do worse with their parental responsibilities, here is my other projection: our children will not hesitate to lock us in those Homes of the Elderly. If you wanna be rich as from 2030, start building homes of the elderly. That is where we belong. Take this to the bank."

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