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Men, 10 Effective Ways To Make Your Woman Miss Your Dearly.

Creating that environment to miss your partner is very healthy to your relationship. As it helps to tell to what extent someone loves you. If you want your woman to miss you alot then do the following:

 1. Overlook on what she does

Do not concentrate too much on what they do. Sometimes your woman can do things that will really annoy you and ask yourself if really she is the lover of your heart. For example she can decide to cut off communication with you, the best thing to is not to respond to it and she will look for you herself.

2. Let her be alone

She will really miss you when sometimes you distance away from her for some period. Go and do other things and she will call or text you just to tell you that she needs you back.

3. Provide less

This does not mean that you act too stingy and make your woman suffer in your hands. Do not provide everything she needs, try to hold on some, she will really appreciate having you in her life and she will always want you around her.

4. Do not be jealous

Don't be too insecure that somebody else with take her away. Let her know that you will still be comfortable if she decide to leave you. This will bring in more respect and she will really be worried when you far from her.

5. Concentrate on your goals

Know yourself as a man and work towards your goal in life. Put in more efforts to achieve them. She will see how committed and prosperous you are. She will love you more for this and she will imagine how she won't get any man like you when she leaves you.

6. Feel good when you are alone

Don't be worried when she is away from you. Don't ask her where she is and what she is doing instead continue with your daily chores. Concentrate on other things such as watching a movie or exercising. Wherever she is, she will just imagine your loneliness and she will contact you or come back in time.

7. Text her rather than calling.

Communication is the basis of a good relationship. Women feel happy when their men talk to them. But if you want her to always think about her then talk to her less. Instead use texts alone when conversing with her and she will always insist to hear your voice too. This will show you that she is missing you alot.

8. Achieve to be her desired man

Try to find out the kind of a man she wants in life and try to attain all those qualities that she wants. This will really encourage her as now you will be compatible to her. There is nothing she will look for but to really love your as her best man. Do it as early as possible to win her heart forever.

9. Be playful

Be playful while with her whether on bed or out for a vacation. Make fun and ensure is always happy when you are together until your absence will make her bored.

10. Let her her talk and listen to her.

When you are with her do not talk too much. Some men thing that they impress a lady when they talk more than their women. Letting your wife talk too, always makes her feel good. Give her time to express herself too as you act as a good listener. She will always feel nice to have a conversation with you.

Hope you have learnt something. Do you agree with this? Let me hear from you too. Remember to share to educate others too.

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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