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Husband and wife relationship

" Her Parents Used To Mock Me And Warned Her Against Marrying Me Because I was Poor" A Man Narrates

Growing up in the same village with his wife, Justus was despised by her wife's parents. The parents saw how poor and struggling the guy was since he had come from a very humble background.

Nancy being the wife was born in a very well off family. Her parents had everything they needed to provide and ensure the kids did not lack anything.

When Justus came to say that he wanted to marry her, her parents were very irritated by the proposal. The first question they asked was whether he was going to be able to provide for nancy.

Nancy got married eventually after a very long struggle. But the parents would still call her back.

Life in marriage was difficult. After going fir days without eating nancy would go back to her parents and eat there. The parents were always happy to see her back home.

Every time the husband came to rake his wife back, the mother would mock him of how poor he is and how he can take care of his own family.

Justus would humble himself until he had his wife back. After a long struggle in life, he is finally blessed and he is a legal assistance. He was able to pay for his wife's baking classes.

Looking back, he is grateful that Nancy believed in him abd saw the potential that many people did not see.

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